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Frequently Asked Questions

Safety Is No Accident

We deliver to:

Summerlin, Northwest Las Vegas,
Henderson, Green Valley,
Nellis Area, North Las Vegas, Boulder City

Can you setup on concrete?
Yes, with appropriate space we can setup on most flat surfaces including concrete.

I live far away, will you deliver to my location?
We will deliver beyond the local Las Vegas and surrounding area, but it's best to call if you think you may be out of range.

Is there a delivery fee?
Normally there is no separate delivery fee unless the delivery location is beyond our normal range. Deliveries beyond a 5 mile radius of our storage facility may incur a nominal travel fee.

How long can I have the bouncer for?
Typically you can keep the bouncer over-night and we will pick it up the next morning.

Is there a deposit?
No deposit is required for orders under $750. Orders over $750 may require a deposit.

Do you deliver to parks?
Yes we deliver to parks. A generator is required for each unit and is automatically added to all on-line orders. $50 per generator. Please call if you have additional questions.

Can the bounce house be plugged into a normal outlet?

Do house setups require a generator?
As long as power can be provided to the unit, a generator will not be needed for normal home setups. In some cases, if the unit is too far from a power source, then a generator may be required. If you think your setup is too far from a power source you may want to call or add a generator to your order.

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